Five Useful Keychain Survival Items



The keychain is a great place to keep useful items because it’s practically always with you when you leave the house, unlike that fancy survival bag of goodies you have packed away for a hypothetical situation. Here’s my list of useful items I recommend keeping on your key chain – these would be useful not only in an emergency situation but also come in handy in daily life.

1. Flashlight – a small LED light is useful when you need to see in the dark. Whether you find yourself out at night later than expected, or deal with a power outage, or simply need a bit of light better see the details of something – a keychain light comes in handy on many occasions. Here’s my list of top favorite keychain flashlights.

2. Knife or Multitool – a Swiss Army knife comes in handy when opening packages, trimming nails, cutting some string, picking out a splinter, opening beer bottles, and many other tasks.

3. USB Flash Drive – it’s an easy way to keep backup copies of your important data and documents.

4. Pen – useful when you need to leave a note for someone or deposit a check at an ATM.

5. Whistle – not something you’re likely to use on a regular basis, but when you need a whistle for emergency signaling, you REALLY need one. A good way to make sure you have it available is to carry one on the keychain. It takes up very little room and weighs next to nothing, but can be a life saver.

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